Shared Mobility: Wie viel sparen Amerikaner beim Ridesharing?

Interessanter Kostenvergleich aus den USA zwischen Ridehailing und Fahrzeugeigentum.

According to Esurance research, in the best-case scenario, a family that gives up its car in favor of driverless ridesharing could save $4,100 in annual transportation costs.
Esurance analyzed the cost of owning a self-driving car versus ride-sharing in self-driving cars and found that if people are willing to trade in car ownership for ride-sharing, they could save up to $4,100 a year. (Source: Esurance)
Other research confirms that a 20 percent improvement in efficiencies of the personal transportation system, would generate a five percent increase in household incomes.

Saving time and money is appealing; however, whether it makes sense will depend on where people live — cities, suburbs or rural areas— and their willingness to embrace ridesharing over car ownership, the researchers note.

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