Shared Mobility: Wird Apple’s Projekt Titan zum Ridehailing-Angebot?

Entwickelt sich das Projekt Titan bei Apple zu einem Ridehailing-Projekt, bei dem ich die Autos über das iPhone bestellen kann?

Apple is looking at ways to have an iPhone to unlock and pay for a 'Project Titan' self driving car, a feature that could have wider use in the taxi industry, and in self-driving systems.

The keyless entry and remote unlocking systems available today are useful, but have their limitations. Conventional systems use single-factor security, with others vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, making them less secure than they could be if improvements were made.

There is also the issue of the vehicle knowing only that a key fob is being used, but not who is using it. A stolen key fob would easily allow access to a vehicle for a thief, as current systems are simply incapable of recognizing who is present.

Apple believes it may have come up with an alternative solution, in a patent application published Thursday titled "System and method for vehicle authorization," with multiple elements potentially enhancing a vehicle's security.

The first element it focuses on is positioning, as it attempts to look for an ultra-wideband "hardware device" that can transmit and receive. Using multiple transmissions between the vehicle and the device, it could determine the position of the device, and if it is in specific regions relative to the car, can trigger events such as unlocking the nearest door while leaving the remaining doors locked.

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