Connected Car: So arbeitet Volkswagen am vernetzten Auto der Zukunft


Sehr interessanter Artikel darüber, wie Volkswagen am vernetzten Fahren der Zukunft arbeitet.

The car of the future will be as attuned to our needs as a personal assistant. It will know our wishes, entertain us, even speak with us. The experts at Volkswagen Electronics Development are working hard to make this goal a not-too-distant reality. Part 1 of our series on user experience trends.

It’s a bitterly cold winter day as Stephanie packs her bag for a trip to the gym. A slight vibration tells her to pick up her smartphone, where she reads a new message: “Hello Stephanie! You’re probably just about to head off. Should I warm up for you?” Practically no one knows the 40-year-old as well as her car. “Yes, please warm up,” confirms Stephanie. In 20 minutes, she will set off for the gym – and start her drive at a comfortable 21 degrees.


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