Connected Car: Wie die Digitalisierung die Automobilzulieferindustrie grundlegend verändert

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Die Digitalisierung verändert die Automobilzulieferindustrie grundlegend. Innerhalb der nächsten 10 Jahre werden fast alle Autos über eine Art von Konnektivität verfügen. Was dies für Automobilzulieferer bedeutet zeigt die Global Automotive Supplier Study 2018. Lesenswert!

In order to succeed in the new automotive environment, suppliers will have to transform their existing business models. It is necessary to rethink the overall strategy, in order to either capture new growth opportunities or consolidate the market around the existing portfolio. A long-term technology roadmap and strategic positioning in the value chain when it comes to both product and service offering needs to be defined. At the same time, an efficient cost base and sufficient financing for the upcoming transition should be implemented. Additionally, the organizational structure and governance model are required to successfully manage new emerging technologies and competencies alongside old declining technologies under one roof. Furthermore, it is about creating a new company mindset and culture to foster innovation, which is of paramount importance to compete in the new technology areas. Finally new partnerships need to be built up, in order to start thinking in open innovation ecosystems and find new ways to innovate.

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